(Spanish version)
I am a Spanish, I like nature, sun and travelling.
I studied forestry engineering during many years. In that period my creativity was completely hidden by numbers, numbers and numbers, but still I kept closed to nature.
Nowadays I'm living in Paris where I have rediscovered my artist facet. I started with some little drawings, afterwards I made some  handicrafts for home and then I made some pendants to friends. 
Now, thank to  the encouragement of my closest friends I decided to open my little e-shop Dianthusa - Paris. 

Why Dianthusa? and Why Paris?
 Dianthus is a genus of plants very characteristic in Spain, country I am from, and its flowers (carnations and pinks) very representative of its culture. We grow them up very often at home e and also the genus is very similar to my mother's name: Diana.

So I wanted that circumstances that have shaped my personality, such as my closeness to nature and the culture I come from, made up my shop's name. But currently I live in Paris and therefore this city will also take part of me in a while, and that is why I have combined all these elemets that have led to the name of Dianthusa-Paris.

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