My Moo minicards and Moo coupon codes


I love Moo especially minicards. The option of personalizing each card is great, the quality can't be better, they are shipped so fast.... Definitely is the best place to make bussines cards,

I show you the latest cards I've done for my etsy shop and some stickers (also customizables)

Aren't they pretty?

I used the 100 free miniCards offered by Etsy (they have the etsy logo) here (I only payed  the shipping costs).

I also ordered 90 stickers and 100 more cards without the Etsy logo beacuse shipping costs don't change if you buy other stuf, and I took advantage from the coupon code (10% off in the purchase)   that Moo gave me in my first order. If you are also interested use the next coupon code or click here dpj8fz

Therefore the final price of my oorder was so great!

It's really worth, cards are amazing!

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