Upcycling pallets shelves & desks

Hi everybody!

After the "saturated love period" of Valentine's day everything gets chill, but still full of energy!. I have been  in Madrid (my city) the last 4 days and it was very inspiring! I am back with many new ideas to create in the incoming weeks and months!.
While I was catching up on the status of my shop and I realized that I was mentioned in Todo Artesanías Blog for the occasion of Valentine's day and also an interview about Dianthusa was pupbblished. Therefore I am so happy!

A couple of days ago Teresilla from Ovejita be! showed us in her first  tutorial how to recycle a fruit box and transform it into a cute wood and fabric box.

I have wanted to take advantage of her topic to continue my second post about recycling. Today awesome ideas to reuse pallets in our work space: desks, tables and shelves.
You will be different after these pictures! :)



After all these ideas, I am sure you will have a different feeling when you see one of those pallets in the middle of nowehre. At least it is what happens with me!

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