Upcycling egg boxes

Some days ago I realized eggs box cardboard is so pretty! It is made out of 100% recycled paper, so that the appearance is pretty rustic like a raw material. I just love it!
Some months ago I brought you some ideas to make yourselves jewelry holders, and I got absolutely fell in love with the first one. It was just a pretty eggs box.
So this time I decided to customize mine! Hope you like it!

It is also a great idea to use these boxes as sewing box, but I can imagine some other great ones such as stationery box for pins, washi tape, clips, or even shocks box or mini cupcakes gift box!
I'm actally using it for may little tile beads, and it's fantastic!

1.marieclaireidees, 2.decoratrix, 3.toriejayne, 4. trulymyrtle
Now you know some interesting ideas to upcycle an egg box. 
Ther's only to put then in practice!

Have a nice day!

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