There's not ugly font but lack of imagination


Today I bring you a fast post but very useful.
Lately western style used in  fonts is trend in graphic design.
Due to that I've decided to show you lots of them with the link to download them.
You could create cool posters and layouts for your blogs.

Here you have the links to download  them, let's run the imagination...

                        1.Big Top                                11.Mesquite
                        2.Urw Wood Typ D                 12.Armeniancircus
                        3.Delouisville                          13.Imprint
                        4.Vineta                                14.Hoedown
                        5.Coney Island                        15.Romantiques
                        6.Cast Iron                             16.Rosewood
                        7.Niagara                              17.Pointedly
                        8.Lullaby                               18.JFFerrule
                        9.Circus                                 19.Algerian

Have a nice day!

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