A sunny Sunday in Paris

Yesterday it was a sunny day in Paris, that's always a great new!
so I must walk about to enjoy such a wonderful day!
First stop: a workshop offered by Etsy France.
The subjet: stamp carving

The teacher was Lise Grossmann, I've already talk about her in my post dedicated to stamps. she has an Etsy shop where she sells cute personalized stamps with the faces you want.
We were 8 people in total, each one with a rubber and the tools to start carving.
The way was so simple and the result....
soooo cool!

The place where the workshop was carried out  was so chic: an old industrial building restored. Nowadays it is a place where many  events are hosted.
Espace Commines

This time the event was called Supermarket, so many pretty things
made by more than 40 creators were showed.

Are you curious to see what was going on?
Here you have it!

I've done a little selection with some of the creators featured


Illustration work on postcards, cards, bookmarks, etc
A very delicate work with great results

Retro-looking  puppets, with 70's style. Its creator worked as an artistic director of an advertising agency  but after some years she discovered the way to stay forever in a fun atmosphere.
Currently these puppets made up entirely by organic materials and in EU are distributed to more than 10 countries.

 Customized Shoes with a well defined style with a vintage touch.
Create a meeting with a few friends and they bring you all the models and materials,
choose the ones you like, customizing the color and material. In 6 weeks have at home.
Made of 100% in France

Cool minimalist jewelry.
These artists were chosen by Etsy as winners to exhibit their work at SupermarketFrench bridges give the name to each piece, make them unique.
The packaging is so unique: a glass test tube

Stationery items with a delicate wit , perfect to take a smile in the everyday life.
They offer from crads to calendars ornotebooks. All with a sleek design and great illustrations.
Orders can also be also customized for special occasions ..

Self-taught illustrator influenced by pop art and film from the 50's and 60's.
Eclectic work  based on materials such as felt, acrylic or collage. Always with a well defined style. 
Her illustrations "make happy" pillows, shirts, badges and mirrors.

Graphic  and textile designer, Lisa designs and creates decorative objects in his small factory in Paris.
Her style: color and fantasy with a retro touch is always present.


After the visit to Supermarket, I satarted a little walk and I was surprised all the time!
 5 minutes walking and the ethical and solidarity carnival was just in front of me, with lots of drums! :) and people of all ethnicities dancing their traditional dances 

Accompanying the carnival, I ran into one of the thousands of mini markets that sells old stuff on Sundays. 
I love to snoop around them, because you see things you never would imagine to find in a market.

I keep walking and came across this store .... I love flavors and time ago I would have gotten crazy with this shop, I should find it before!

Soon after almost at the Hôtel de Ville ... stop! I couldn't keep walking because we had to let the skaters to pass.

I finally reached the Seine.Wow! one of the busiest roads was opened to pedestrians.
That road is filled with sand beach and showers to make: Paris beach. The wlak is really worth!

Almost about to finnish my walk I I pass through a little flower market. It is so colorful and pretty.

Finally at the subway...

Hope you have  enjoyed the little walk around Paris.

Have a nice day!

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