Some ideas to make bokmarks

April 23th is the day where Cervantes and Shakespeare died
that is why this date was chosen as the book day.

With that reason, today I bring you lots of ideas DIY
to make bookmarks.

  Paper & cardboard

 Fabric, crochet & felt.
                              1.Kristina Cosgrove                        8.Ravelry
                              2.u-createcrafts                             9.Joyous Treasuries (Shop)
                              3.Holiday crafts and creations        10.castlescrownscottages
                              4.littlebirdiesecrets                        11.etsyitemoftheday
                              5.crochetroo                                12.Flamingotoes
                              6.Joyous Treasuries (Shop)             13.Curbly      
                              7.Irena K Rudlis                           14.Ideias.da.Gi

Note: In some of the resources uoy can find the patterns for the crochet bookmarks.

I hope your imagination ahs startet to move and is ready to create yours!

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