Ridding a bike in Paris, places where I use to boy some supplies

Today I have decided to enjoy the sun despite the extreme cold (maximum of -2/-3ºC) since here it is not normal to have such a sunny days. I have taken mi lovely bike and gone downtown to the shops where I use to buy material for my cerations. It was wonderful but... so cold!
You can enjoy the places where I have passed by below. Hope you like them!

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Alésia is the first nice squeare I cross by when I go downtown. From there and all straight on I cross  the Paneteon
a bit later I reach Saint Michel Island, the truly center of Paris.


Here you have my "Ferrari" bike!

I am so curious about these stands, specially in such a cold days, will these people manage to live of that? 
I love to have a look over them, they sell old posters, magazines and books with illustrations so parisian!

This drawing represents the arrival of  tanks from Germany when French got the victory over the nazis. History is quite curious because many Spanish that escape from Spanish dictatorship joined the French army to combat against the nazis. The first tanks that arrived were precisely the group made up by these Spanish, so it was possible to read memorable names of the Spanish civil war on the fron and sides of the tanks.
So interesting!

Just in the left of this beautiful cathedral is placed La Droguerie. I have already  told  about it in another post. I use to buy some suplies for my creations there.

This sculpture is in a nearby squere, I loved when I sow it!

In my way to the next shop, I crossed this particular shop, so parisian style! Here, everything "vintage", antique or old is loved.

In between the Pompidou and Hôtel de Ville (still with the Christmas icerink) is the last shop, La Perlerie. It is a very small and always crowded shop.


In my way back I crossed the Luxembourg garden. It is wonderful in summer, free piano concerts are organized all the weekends.
Nothe that the water in the fountain is frozen!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the places as much as I have done!

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