Remembering Swedish window sills


Two years ago I was living in Sweden and, do you know  that one of the things I loved the most were windos tills?.
There, all windows have it and they are always very well decorated with lamps, candles, plants etc.
I always wondered why they put a lamp next to the window! after some months I totally understood...lamps were like a sun in the dark and long nights of winter!.
   My Swedish house

Scandinavian style is so characteristic, I personally  love it.
Swedish  take care of little details, colors are always light to make rooms brighter 
and designs are always simple and pretty. 
Moreover nature plays a main role, influencing most of patterns and prints 
as well as the materials used.

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In Sweden, houses outside cities are usually red because of the substance they use to paint them. It protects wood from water and insects and houses get red because the substance contains iron.
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Swedish like a lot sitting down on the window sill,
you can see them reading a book or just looking out the window :)
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.I love kitchens with a window in front of the sink,
at least doing the washing up it is less annoing .
Aromatics plants in the kitchen are so pretty and practical!
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 Do you see the star on pic num 2? It is David star, the star that guided  three Wise Men to Jesus.
It is a period so pretty because swedish are so talented with home decor, but at the same time it a little bit tough because of the cold and the darkness.

I still remember when about 9a.m.the sun rised up and at 3p.m was totally dark. Moreover the sun almost no rised up.
I took this pic on Dicember first at 12 am when the sun was at its higher moment...
Since the sun was always low we passed from a sunrise to a sunset, therefore the sky  tones passed from pinks to oranges.
It was so amazing that sometimes I had to stop cycling tojust look at the color of the sky.
Perhaps that's why Swedish love decorating with lights, just go to IKEA to realize that :)

Another tradition always linked to light were advent candelabra.
In that period almost every window had a star and a candelabra!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, it was a little bit different from the others but I acctually enjoyed so much remembering my Swedish experience!

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