My last DIY: Kindle cover

some days ago I lost my old kindle cover. It was a pity because I loved it.
I made that one out of an old sweeter that I felted by washing it at 90ºC. But this time I changed completely the style, I wanted a cover with simple lines. So with some cardboard and sacrapbooking paper I made my new one.

I spent a day by looking some elastic with a cute color but... it was impossible to find, so I decided to paint some white elastics I has at home. I'm pretty happy with the results, and the paint its permanent, at least the  staint we have in a towel says is pretty permanent :)

And...what about the print? and colors combination? I just love them.
I didn't took any picture of the process but if yoy would like to know it, just let me know, it's pretty easy!

Have a great weekend!

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