Minicreations and more


Today I will show you mi "mini-creations" I've been making these days.
I'm very excited because it is the first time I make bottom earrings style.
They are so simple: just felt and yarn
Moreover they are already available in my Etsy shop,
and.... do you now what is the best?
its mini-cost! is as mini as earrings are :)

Aquí los tenéis //  Here you have them!

But it doesn't finish here!
I have alse made my first rings.
Totally Dianthusa's style, with lots of Mediterranean influence by 
the presence of mini tiles.

To finish, I would like to show you  my just discovered new pasion

I'm making a photo album very especial 
so especial that I wanted to create it from the begining.

I will show you the bookbinding.
The process was a bit painstaking but it was worth.
I chose a nice fabric and a paper to cover the cardboard.
The system to make the bookbindind I chose was coptic.

Coptic was the first system we have information from.
It came from the Coptic population in Egipt. 
I choose because I thought was simple and so pretty.

I cut out the fabric, paper and cardboard and I glue everything.
The last pass was to sew it up.

Here you have the result :)

Fabric detail

Inside cover detail

If you want to know more about lovely bookbindind as well as workshops,
take a look to Con Ele de Eva website, 
she makes so lovely things.

That's all for today!

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