Make your own washi tape

I'm sure most of you have already used washi tape, I love it!

To those  who don't know what is washi tape, it is masking tape with lots of different colors and prints, made up of rice paper and a bit transparent. Nowadays people are totally crazy about it and it is used to decorate so many things.

Tiffany Ftell us the history of washi tape "first originated in Japan by the company Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd. under the name MT masking tape. It all started in 2006 when puzzled Kamoi received an email from a small group of women who created a book using their industrial masking tape. The email stated that they would like to tour their facility before working on a second book using their masking tapes. Confused Kamoi did not initially respond to this curious email, and later received a package from the women; It contained colorful, beautifully designed pages all done in masking tape! Kamoi eventually agreed to let the women tour their facility, and their marvel and fascination at the tape making process filled Kamoi with great pride. Later, they received a second book filled with more beautiful pages from 17 different artists, all using their masking tape to create a thing of beauty! The women requested that Kamoi create more masking tape colors. Kamoi did not hesitate after a big art exhibition in Tokyo and lots of media coverage; they took the plunge and began to work on creating the perfect rolls to use for crafts and design! They not only created many more colors, but also designs that were cute and functional".

Here you have some different ways to make on your own washi tapes.


1.justsomethingimade  2.nicholeheady 3.aspoonfulofsugardesigns

...and lots of ideas to use it! 
De arriba a abajo y de izquierda a derecha

Enjoy it!

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