Make your own fabric labels

Many times when shipping an order or offering gifts we do not realize how importat little details are . Thoes are totally clue for the succes. For that reason today I will start the first of some posts to speak about these deatils. Today I will dedicate to fabric label with the logo of our shop.

In products with fabric as its main material (such as purses, bags, brooches, clothing, etc.)the presence of a label with the name or logo will make the difference between feeling it as just a "commun object" or as  "something more". A label provides  more authenticity, professionalism and value to the product, people are aware that there is someone else behind your bag or clothing and that's always worth it.
There are two good examples below.


For a DIY labels I start with the work of  handmadetherapy  and Zapaburu.
There are to ways to make them, the first one with a stump as main element, and the second one with a special paper to use for printing on fabric.

First method
You will need:

  • Stamp with your logo
  • Fabric paint
  • Strip
  • Recipient to pour the paint
  • Felt
You have the pictures below and you can also follow the tutorial of handmadetherapy
Second method
The positive point is that it allows you to add different colors.
You will need:
  • Transfer paper
  • Printer
  • Iron
The process is quite simple, you just print the drawing or logo into the paper and then put it on the stripe afterwards pass the iron over the paper (the only "difficulty" is to choose the rigt side of the paper).
You can follow the whole instructions on  Zapaburu's blog.

Hope you liked those ideas! I will be backwith some interesting "little details".

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