Last craft shoppping

Hi everybody!

I bring you an Express post today.
Some of my last shoppings.
All of them deserve a very especial place,...
what about a beautiful frame and placed in a museum?
Please! let's give importance to trivial stuff
and  get ride of it to important ones.

All that stuff is bought at HEMA.
Fantastic store with lovely things (and so cheap!)

I bought those yarn at  La droguerie.
I love it, it's so colorful!

That's my "geek selfgift". A paper cutter.
So useful for the packaging of my creations and other pretty things :)

To finish, I wanted to show you a present that my boyfriend offer me.
He's soooooooooooo qute!

Tha'ts all for today!

Ah! I almost forgot it! Iwanted to thank  Living felta fantastic site
for followers of the felt.

Few days ago they contacted me to ask me if they could
use my creations for both  blog posts and in its newsletter.
I am so proudand happy, considering they are the temple of "feltlovers"


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