How to make a pendant with seaglass and wire

Today I bring you a micro-post which is pretty special for me.
Almost one year ago Dianthusa's soul started.
During a trip in Corsica (100% recomended) I got some seaglasses to make pendadnts.
I gave them to my colleges having a lot of success, so that I decided to keep making things...
... until now!

Last week I was thinking about the last and then I saw at Etsy front page someone who sold seaglasses, so...I just bought them :) I will make some unique pendants each June to celebrate "Dianthusa's  birthday".
In addition, such a nice day to celebrate this today is "environment day".
In today's post I show you how to make pendants made with sea glasses and wire: simples, pretty and 100% environmental friendly.

It is also possible to make it without any tool, and you can use stones, they are also so pretty!

I've also done a little tutorial to show you how to make slipknots.
I hope you find out!

Happy environment day!

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