Hapiness recipe

Good morning!
I was looking for a recipe I watched in TV when suddenly I came across a wonderful cooking blog:
La Receta de la Felicidad (The happiness recipe)
where pictures by themselves are just delightful.
So I've chosen 5 of the simplest and prettiest recipes to show you.

after that, you have something more to surprise your guests!

receta ... recipe
These candies ar so great! I've always wanted know how to make them!
Besides, they are so natural, just: fruit, sugar and agar-agar
So funny and cool! and so easy to do!
receta ... recipe
So great idea to make bowls, your friends will be so surprised!

receta ... recipe

Make of a sheet dough for pie crust the everyone can but at supermarket, the idea is so cool and the result 
is fantastic.

She makes the little holes with a special tool, 
but I'll make them with a knife following the scheme above.
Simply fantastic

Hope you have enjoyed this post , have a nice day!

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