Gift Boxes (DIY)


A very important factor to impress with a gift are, as I alredy talked about, little details. Today's theme is warpping, particulary boxes.

Some times a gift needs being complemented by a box to looks better. Can you imagine a ring warpped with paper? so difficult, right?

Boxes are a perfect complement, they are pretty by themself, simple and practical, since the gift is more protected than in wrapping paper.

There are so many sort of materials for boxes, but today I will focuss on felt, paper(origami) and cardboard.

I love those boxes! and they are so easy to make!


I couldn't find any tutorial but I think it is quite simple to make.

Next boxes are made with origami technique, a japanese technique considered art in Japan. Name is made up by "oru" (fold) and kami (paper) and no scissors nor stick are used, just paper.

                       Tutorial1      Tutorial 2 (Fabric)

This idea is so great! imagine: ring+bracelet+pendant+earrings
each one in its box but all of them in the same one. So unique!

This one is so cute! and perfect for rings or earrings.

Souprise your friends making a box with post-its!

That is a great idea!! I couldn't find any tutorial, but I think it is easy to make.

These sort of boxes can be also made with TP rolls, more info.

Below two fantastic boxes for childrens.

Here you have lots of templates: link

Fisrtly I would like to talk about SelfpackagingIt is an on-line store that brings you a wide range of gift boxes with fantastic designs and small accessories to customize them. 
Theis idea is to apply the concept DIY, demonstrating that making your own packs can be not just easy but fun too.
The system is easy, you just choose the box you need acoording to the gift, and the accessories in case you want. Then you will get the template already cut and you will have to make it yourself folding it, but...take it easy! there is a explanatory video for each box! (Below you have some of the boxes they have).

Ah! they give you the chance to get two free samples per month, so take advantage of it!

Algunas muestras de cajas // Some box samples  
On the other hand I want to bring some stores that sell handmade boxes:

Now, let's start!

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