Gift bags (DIY)

Good morning!
Do you have a little gift but you don't know how to wrap it?
you can either try to make box by your own 
or make/buy paper envelopes/bags.
Afrter that....decorating  moment arrives!

With simple bags & little clothespins...


what about origami windmill?

If you have paper punch, you might use it at the edge...

... but this bags are so pretty that just a simple twin is enough.

Waht about a little bag made with a pretty paper?
below a handmade paper  with pressed flowers is used.

You could also pay special attention to the tag.

By using the paper as a canvas to draw on it.
 (A child drawing could be great, I love them!)

Another grea idea is using different paper (like the ones in the picture or just a nice one)
to use them on top.


From now the best comes! all images are linked to tutorials
with templates to make yourself all these great envelopes and bags. 
Let's start!


The tutorial contains the patterns of all bags.

I love this, mini-flowers are so pretty!


What about this to father's day?

For a children's birthday...


Here some shops where you can find all you need to have a perfect packaging.


Here you have a special gift! lots of  free printable tags!
Click on the link to download them.

I think I will use the last to write a new post... :)

I hope you have enjoyed all these ideas!

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