Colores, colors, colori, couleurs...Pantone!


Since the weather is being always grey,  today I've decided to bring you lots of  colors.
I would like to tell you about Pantone color paletteThis company is located in the U.S. began printing color guides to cosmetic companiesbut today is not only that, it's an iconic among designers and worldwide brand.    There are even States that describe the colors of their flags according to Pantone's tones. It is surprising that the company considers all its tones as intellectual property and therefore can not be used freely.
Every season, Pantone does a trend forecast & selects the key color directives for the fashion, cosmetics & interior design communities. 
The company is also very active in other fields such as design and textiles.
As you are certainly intrigued to know the color of this year you have it aboube  (you can also take a look to the blog where I've taken the imagen from to see the 2012 tone used in different environments).
Tono PANTONE año 2012
PANTONE fashion color report spring 2012
Christmas balls, cups,  light switch,  boxes, tea setmagazine holdermagnetschairskitchen, 
Glassesscarf, bags, toothbrushnail polish

Garland, pencils, eggscoasters, notebookagenda

Now you have the rainbow just in your home with lots of inspiring colors, use them all!

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