Crochet ideas to future proyects

Some eeks ago I started crocheting and I have to admit that I love it!
It is easy (just need some practice and patience) and lovely little proyects cane be ready in just some minutes.

This lovely flower was my second proyect, so.... who sais crochet is difficult? ;)

Surfing in Internet I selected some pretty proyects I'll definitely do in theincoming months.

Here you have them all, aren't they pretty?
Tutorials: 1234

Have a nice day!

Paris,... a different art

Last times I've walking arround Paris a new city has come up for me. 
A city with an awoseme street art that surprise you every moment.
You can find wonderful paintings all over Paris, from the very bottom of the wall to the top, next to classical parisian roofs.
Some are graffitti, some others are paintings in paper and then stick on the wall, but all are art...

¡ Espero que os hayan gustado!

New pastel bracelets: Scandianvian star and flower

some weeks ago I showed you my lovely cloud pendants and also I made some bracelets with same tones that you all can combine with.

Multiple materials:  leather and cotton twines, organza ribbon,  felt , glass , metal and handmade embroidery create an attractive and versatile look.
They all are finished by a chain that makes sure will fix any wrist.

Hope you like them!

Perfect to combine with.... 

Available in my Etsy shop.

A "must" DIY: Painting porcelain

Some time ago I knew about special markers and paints to use on porcelain.So great idea! I thought, and since then is a DIY that I always wishing to do and sure I'll do.
Such a good thing to customize plates, cups etc and also to make a fantastic gift.

Internet as always provide us with lots of inspiring images...

1. Ploefff, 2.  Creature Comforts, 3.  A Merry Mishap

Have a nice day!

Today's protagonist.... Garabatea

From time to time I use to nose all around my followers. It's a fantastic experience because I find out really pretty things.
Todau Id like to introduce Garabatea
Their illustrations are so sweet and delicate.
These pretty drawings don't stay  so much time on a papper... they run out to fabrics!
They'll take part of wonderful t-shirts, aprons, bibs among other things

Such a nice stuff....

Useful info:
Blog: garabatea
Garabatea illustrations: garabateailustra
Twitter: @garabateailustr

Reversible pastel cloud necklace.


I will show you  little by little all creations of my new collection: Volare!
The main element is a cloud as symbol of the coldest seasons (fall and winter)
The more important news is its reversibility, in such a way that you will have 2 necklaces but actually it will be just one. Since each necklace have two different sides.

In adittion I'll take felt up again , lovely material for winter, soft and adorable.

Available here

Available here

I hope you like it!

Have a nice day!



some time ago I participated in a swap organized by Ishtar Olivera

It is a great experience, I recommend it to you. It is alwaus nice to make something to others and get some present from others.

Here you have what I made: some pretty stuff like washi tapes, agenda, stamp, pencils, ruler were in it

Have a nice day!

My Moo minicards and Moo coupon codes


I love Moo especially minicards. The option of personalizing each card is great, the quality can't be better, they are shipped so fast.... Definitely is the best place to make bussines cards,

I show you the latest cards I've done for my etsy shop and some stickers (also customizables)

Aren't they pretty?

I used the 100 free miniCards offered by Etsy (they have the etsy logo) here (I only payed  the shipping costs).

I also ordered 90 stickers and 100 more cards without the Etsy logo beacuse shipping costs don't change if you buy other stuf, and I took advantage from the coupon code (10% off in the purchase)   that Moo gave me in my first order. If you are also interested use the next coupon code or click here dpj8fz

Therefore the final price of my oorder was so great!

It's really worth, cards are amazing!

Summer in Paris


the last few days I made some turism around Paris despite of the terrible warm it was...

Enjoy the summer!

Pretty, pretty, pretty stuf

Hi guys!
I've brought some pretty deco stuf for your day's inspartion

From top to bottom and from left to right 
Sfgirlbybay ( fantástic blog )
Curbly (Tutorial) 
Mokkasin (pretty Swedish blog)
Seung yong song (her chair designs are cool!)
Volang (another Swedish blog, I love their style!))

Have a great day!